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Pre- School Room Routine

We eat with a knife and fork independently

We learn phonics and numeracy

We use the toilet and wash our hands independently

Pre- School Room Routine

8am Free play
8.30am Breakfast
9am –     Circle time- learn about letters and numbers,
News time- children can share any news they have
9.30am Group time/ Phonics
10am Garden Time
10.30am     Snack Time
10.45am Free Play
11.20am Singing songs/ Show and Tell
11.40am Lunch time
12.10pm Story time
12.30pm Free Play
1.30pm Group Time and Phonics
2pm Garden time
2.30pm Snack Time/ Free Play
3.15pm Story Time
3.30pm Tea Time
4.15pm Singing
4.30pm Free Play
5.30pm Story Time
6pm Home Time


We begin to put on our own coats and shoes

We self -serve at meal times

We pour our own drinks