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Healthy Eating

During your child’s day we will provide breakfast which consists of cereal, a side of toast, pancakes, fruit loaf, and milk. A mid-morning snack of fresh fruit, then a Home cooked lunch, Roast dinners, Salmon, Stir fry, followed by a dessert or pureed fruit for Babies. An afternoon snack of either rice cakes or vegetable batons followed by a light tea which consists of, homemade soup, pasta Bolognese, fish Goujons and salad, or sandwiches, followed by milk and fruit.

Throughout meal times children are encouraged to self- serve and make healthy choices. Fresh drinking water is available at all times.


Nutritional Information

All meals for the children are prepared daily from fresh ingredients by our qualified chef. 

Our menus offer a wide variety of balanced and nutritious meals, catering for many allergies and dietary requirements. We have a total of 25 menus which are rotated so children get to experience a wide variety of foods while at Nursery.


Food Safety

Flower Pots ensures that great care is taken to present meals where the food is cut into small pieces enabling your child to eat enjoyably and safely. For these reasons, we have our own strict regulations regarding food shape i.e. we do not serve your child whole grapes, cherry tomatoes, large slices of apple or any other foods with potential to cause difficulty in swallowing.


From Milk to Food

Parents are asked to provide bottles with formula or breast milk for children who require them.

The nursery provides cow’s milk for children who are able to drink it.

Once your child is ready to be weaned onto solids, we will provide a meal that you feel comfortable with, e.g. pureed carrot. We then gradually progress with the diet i.e. adding different foods and move onto different textures when you and your child are ready. We liaise with parents on a regular basis regarding any changes.


Food Hygiene Rating