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Starting Out


If your child starts at Flower Pots they will receive all the care and attention they need. The first time your child separates from you can be an upsetting experience – for both you and your child! However, Flower Pots caring and well-trained staff will help make the whole process much happier and less traumatic.

Your child will be assigned a Key Worker who will be responsible for ensuring that their introduction to nursery goes as smoothly as possible. We also give parents the opportunity to spend some times with their child while they settle in to their new environment. For many children, the settling-in period is rarely as difficult as you imagine it to be and they quickly learn that nursery is a happy, friendly and safe place to be.

Our aim is to ensure that your child’s first few weeks at Flower Pots Day Nursery will form the foundation of a happy, secure childhood, and that ultimately, their time at nursery will give them the confidence and skills to go on to enjoy a successful school career.